FET Calendar

Here is our FET (frozen embryo transfer) calendar for those that are interested.  It sounds like the protocol can really vary from doc to doc but this is mine for what he called a “controlled cycle.”

FET Calendar

2 Responses to FET Calendar

  1. Mom says:


    Be sure to text me regularly or call since we will be traveling until 11/14. I’m in town the week of the FET and the week after, too. When would the pregnancy test be? Two weeks after FET?

  2. makingba says:

    Hi Mom,

    Oh didn’t realize you guys were going to be gone, wow that’s a long trip! Sounds good! Yeah if my math is right I think my preg test may be black Friday but I’m not positive, I have to ask when I go in Friday for my appt. The FET is Wed. and I’m taking Wed. – Fri. off this time, so I’ll be home taking it easy if you want to come by. I’ll give you a shout later today so we can catch up for a few before you go. Love you!!

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